Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Art of Engagement

Most customers relate to people "like me" and who have similar wants, needs, and backgrounds. Knowledge is also paramount to making a sale. If a customer asks questions that no one in the store can answer, the customer will likely go to a store with associates who do know the products. Being friendly, respectful, and personable also helps make sales. Customers feel resentful when they feel a store doesn't care, and so, customers take their monies elsewhere. Building trust brings back repeat customers, even if they have to go out of their way to get a service or product.

One of the things the retail associate can do is just not state features of the product but help the customer picture owning the product. Its at this stage that the customer feel smarter and experience wonder. And say on their own, I'll take it instead of I'll look around.

This and many more such techniques were discussed in the recent held education program with 109 F. Here are some of the testimonials from the associates-

“ I really love the session of training. Such a nice training and I learned a lot about product, grooming and visual merchandising and all store management processes” - Syed Faiz Alam

“ It was a good experience. I got confidence in 5 days training to attend customers”- Santosh Malvekar and Sayed Zohaib Ilyas

“ It was a beneficial training programme for each staff. Through training I have learnt a lot of information about industry. After this training my confidence level has also increased. This training will help me to achieve my goals in future”- Vaghamshi Kajal Rameshbhai

“ I am working with Fusion Beats from last 2 years. Before the training we didn’t have that much knowledge about the fabric and customer service. But after the training we got good fabric and customer service knowledge. Now we can attend the customer properly. Thanks for this training”- Naazneen Abdullah Shaikh

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