Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I ‘M Possible

Nothing Is Impossible. The Word Itself Says “I’m Possible and each of these individual have proved that through their grit and never to say die attitude. Be inspired.

Caroline, who is deaf and suffering from Cerebral Palsy along with Florita, who is deaf and partially blind have joined Soch. They are working in their warehouse and are involved in doing tagging & labelling.

Manoj parmar has 65% locomotor disability.

For these girls it is a new lease of life. They waited for around 9 months to get a job as retailers were apprehensive to recruit them. 

Our Pankh Trainee Mr. Manoj Parmar, who joined McDonalds, a few months back, is the Employee of the Quarter for his outlet!

His manager says “We see him as the manager of this outlet in the next 9 months"

 Here’s thanking retailers like Soch and McDonalads  who believe in inclusive development of such students and have given them an opportunity to shine bright.

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