Friday, 15 May 2015

Mr. John Kirby, Finalist at the World's Best Sales Associate Awards of WDSF 2015

VIP Customer Service

Mr. John Kirby who works at Selfridges, is one of the three finalists at the World's Best Sales Associate Awards, held as a part of World Department Store Forum in Rome, Italy.

John Kirby (Selfridges) Award finalist, Anne Pitcher (Selfridges)
 His story of Customer Service Excellence:

The key to Johns success this year has been a result of determination, time management, multi-tasking, trend knowledge, drive to meet sales targets, and a core focus on strong client-telling/networking.

When given an opportunity to service a VIP client, who prefers to shop out of business hours and remains until well after midnight, John went well out of his way to assist the customer. He also arranged for a celebrity she is a fan of to attend a party she was hosting. The loyalty this level of personalized service has created has resulted in $100k of sales last year. With immense product knowledge, John was able to create a vast amount of product and buying options for his customers which helped him in increasing YTD sales per hour to $635.00 compared to the department average of $269.00.

With a client book of 1000+ members John strives to give them a tailored and useful service. One client informed John of breaking his back. He immediately sent him a get well card and kept him up-to-date with images of new products throughout his recovery. Once recovered the client spent a great deal of money in the store and in addition his wife is now Johns client. This approach has lead him to exceed his previous year's sales performance by +25% totaling $1m this year. 

Ms. Eva Bunzel, Finalist & the Winner of World's Best Sales Associate Award at WDSF 2015

Wellness Shopping

Ms. Eva Bunzel, the Finalist & Winner of the world's Best Sales Associate Awards at the recently concluded World Department Store Forum 2015 in Rome, Italy. 

Her Story of Customer Service Excellence:

To truly pamper and exceed the expectations of customers, Eva created the concept ofWellness Shopping’. To test the idea, a regular customer and her friend were invited to a presentation of the latest collections which was combined with Shisedo beauty treatment as well as a catering. She also followed this up by inviting twenty best regular customers to the Wellness Shopping session. In some cases, the ladies took part with their entire family. On one such occasion, a customer brought her best friend, her husband and two adult sons. Since Eva wanted to focus her attention on the ladies, she organized a tasting in the wine department of the legendary gourmet floor for the men. In the meantime, the ladies were advised in the latest fashions. At the end of the day a purchase of approximately $ 15.000 was made, the women bought clothing, makeup and shoes, the men wines and multimedia products.

Two years ago, Eva received a request from an architect asking if it would be possible to set-up an apartment for a customer with the assistance of the personal shopping service. The request included arranging everything for the entire apartment, from towels to crockery and cutlery to linens and kitchen appliances and the customer had given no budget!  With the help of some hardworking colleagues she had successfully completed this job. For this assignment, she transacted about $70.000 and there was a follow-up order for the decoration of a house.

Apart from these two instances Eva has played an active role to take part in product trainings,  introducing new collections to seasoned customers, networking between the various companies in Kadewe, so customers can try not only the latest collection, but also current make-up trends, the newest shoes and accessories.

B S Nagesh (TRRAIN) | Maxime Dupont (L'OrĂ©al Luxe) | Andre Maeder (The KaDeWe Group) | Eva Bunzel (The KaDaWe Group)