Monday, 13 July 2015

WINGS OF INSPIRATION: Leelavathi’s Story

If faith can move mountains, so can Leelavathi D.H.

Born to an underprivileged family in Shimoga District, Karnataka, her father could barely support his wife and five children. To further his woes, Leelavathi was afflicted with polio at the tender age of 5. 

Thanks to the support of her family, she managed to complete her B.E and Diploma in Computer Science Engineering course from Bangalore. Luck, however, did not favour her in her job pursuit. IT companies chose to look at her disability rather than her determination and finally, she had to settle for jobs in small BPOs. 3 years later, weary of late night shifts and the constant discomfort of wearing a headset, she quit.

Around that time, Leelavathi’s father attended a Pankh mobilization event and encouraged her to take it further. She underwent retail training for 60 days at Alamba Charitable Trust, one of the partners. Initially, she was diffident about finding a job, as experience had taught her otherwise, but soon her confidence grew along with her aptitude for Life Skills and Retail Modules Training. 

Today, Leelavathi is a CRM Executive at CKC Company. She is thankful to Pankh for helping her to not only dream, but dream big. She aims to rise to the position of Corporate Manager in the Administration Department. It has been just a month, but is already receiving praise for her performance from Vijender Singh, Head HR for CKC


Beginning this month, we are featuring activities retailers undertake to keep their employees highly engaged. This ensures job satisfaction as well as a work-life balance apart from creating an environment of camaraderie.

For the first article in this series, we feature Star Bazaar. 

1. Family Day:

A picnic on August 8, 2014 encouraged better bonding between colleagues and their family members. 

2. Holi Celebration:

Holi, the Festival of Colours was celebrated with great excitement.

3. Kids at Work:

Star Buzz, Star Bazaar’s internal ‘Fun at Work’ committee brought Christmas to life with their employees’ kids in the office with exciting activities and events. 

4. Retail Employees Day:

To celebrate the services of their retail employees and create pride of belonging to the retail community, Retail Employees' Day is celebrated on 12th December every year at Star Bazaar.

This year, employees were captured on camera speaking about their success stories, happy moments and life at Star Bazaar. This was shared with other employees across the country. Everyone was treated to a special meal and cake, followed by some fun activities. Individuals also took this opportunity to appreciate and thank other colleagues for their efforts, hard work and commitment. The result was a beautiful vibrant board proudly displaying hundreds of Thank You notes for colleagues across the organisation.

5. Swachh BHARAT ABHIYAAN – Making a Sweeping statement 

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was announced by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and launched on 2nd October 2014, Gandhi Jayanti with an aim to accomplish the vision of ‘Clean India’ by 2nd October 2019.

Star Bazaar participated in this on 27th October 2014 across all offices, stores and Distribution Centres, where employees cleaned nearby areas, thus contributing towards society by cleaning up the environment.

6. Women’s Day Celebration

To salute their contribution, Women’s Day was celebrated across the entire organization through several events which made them feel special.

Enriching the lives of 4000+ Retail Associates & Customers across 7 Cities and 13 malls in 5 Minutes.

The recommended level of physical activity for adults is usually 30 minutes of light to moderate activity 5 times a week. But what do you do if you have no time to exercise?

This was a question that constantly plagued retail associates around the country. They often stand for hours on end and hardly find an opportunity to incorporate a fitness regimen in their everyday routine. This lack of exercise coupled with work stress would take a toll on their health.

To better the lives of our people and empower them physically and emotionally, this year on June 21, International Yoga Day, TRRAIN in association with Isha Yoga Foundation, introduced a special program to encourage retail associates to invest time in their personal fitness. 

 The program involved 3-5 modules of 5-8 minute Yoga Asanas that retail associates can practice during their breaks, on the way to work and at home. These are simple, easy, do not require much time or effort and still keep one fit and healthy.

The Asanas were aimed at:

i. Energizing the body system
ii. Reduction in Stress and tiredness
iii. Enhancing the functioning of the brain leading to higher alertness

Over 4000 retail associates & customers across 7 cities and 13 malls benefited from this program.

This is one of TRRAIN’s many initiatives towards their commitment to providing health and social security benefits to employees in retail.