Monday, 13 July 2015

Enriching the lives of 4000+ Retail Associates & Customers across 7 Cities and 13 malls in 5 Minutes.

The recommended level of physical activity for adults is usually 30 minutes of light to moderate activity 5 times a week. But what do you do if you have no time to exercise?

This was a question that constantly plagued retail associates around the country. They often stand for hours on end and hardly find an opportunity to incorporate a fitness regimen in their everyday routine. This lack of exercise coupled with work stress would take a toll on their health.

To better the lives of our people and empower them physically and emotionally, this year on June 21, International Yoga Day, TRRAIN in association with Isha Yoga Foundation, introduced a special program to encourage retail associates to invest time in their personal fitness. 

 The program involved 3-5 modules of 5-8 minute Yoga Asanas that retail associates can practice during their breaks, on the way to work and at home. These are simple, easy, do not require much time or effort and still keep one fit and healthy.

The Asanas were aimed at:

i. Energizing the body system
ii. Reduction in Stress and tiredness
iii. Enhancing the functioning of the brain leading to higher alertness

Over 4000 retail associates & customers across 7 cities and 13 malls benefited from this program.

This is one of TRRAIN’s many initiatives towards their commitment to providing health and social security benefits to employees in retail.

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