Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Indian Retail Sales Associates Get a taste Of International Retail.

Like most professionals, front-end retail associates have dreams that extend beyond the retail counter. In 2014, TRRAIN with the help of Landmark Group Dubai took these dreams to new horizons with a 3-day International  study tour for the Top 3 winners of the TRRAIN Retail Awards 2014 - Pankaj Kumar, Vinod Badoni and Farah Khan.

The objective was to give these associates an opportunity to understand retail better through an international lens, understand where they could bring about improvements in their everyday jobs and share their learning with their peers. The intensive itinerary included studying at the Landmark Retail School to expose them to some of the Best Practices adopted by international retailers.

They had an opportunity to meet Mr. Ramnathan Hariharan, CEO Max and Director Landmark Group to understand Retailing in Dubai. They conducted store visits and detailed discussions on operations with Mr. Simon Copper, COO, Centre Point, as well as studied Max stores and Carrefour stores to understand their formats and operations. In addition, they met Mr. Mederic Payne, CEO of Home Centre and visited the Mall of Emirates and Dubai Mall to study in-line stores v/s luxury stores operations.

All 3 winners acknowledged that this was their first international exposure to retail and that they were completely transformed by it. Here are some excerpts.

Q: What did this trip mean to you?  

 Farha: The trip added to my experience. Going to these stores has helped me learn new things. It is totally different from India and was a great eye opener and a great learning.

Pankaj: My life has changed not only professionally, but also personally. I had the chance to meet the senior level people of the Landmark group. It’s like a dream come true.

Vinod: This trip was so great for us.  We learnt a lot of new things in this trip. Especially about Dubai's business culture.

 Q: After this trip, what would you like to share with your other associates in retail? 

Farha: Work harder and with more sincerity and honesty and success will eventually be yours.

Pankaj: Keep doing the good work and always delight your customers. Even you could win the TRRAIN Retail Award and make your company proud. 

Vinod: I keep motivating my colleagues also to perform their best and do something good for others without any expectations.

Q: How do you feel about winning the TRRAIN Retail Awards and getting a chance to visit Dubai?

Farha:  My family is more proud of me and respect me as an individual. My parents are extremely happy. Winning the award has increased my self-esteem and confidence. Life has more meaning. I feel like I have my own identity now.

Pankaj:  Now, everyone in my company knows me by my name, not only in Titan but also across all Tata companies.

Vinod: This trip is one of the greatest achievements of my life and I believe that the knowledge and experience I have gained during this trip will help me to grow in my career and take me to the higher level. I am very thankful to TRRAIN for this lifetime opportunity. After this trip as a National Winner of the TRRAIN Retail Awards 2014, I felt more motivated and confident in my working areas.

A big initiative which has made an even bigger difference. TRRAIN’s commitment to retail employees will continue to break new ground which will encourage every one of them across the country to deliver great customer service.


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