Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Alamba & Pankh put people back on their feet!

 Vitthappa Shiddappa Shirur

A native of Jadramakunte Village, Bagalkot district which lacks even basic amenities like water and power, feeding his mother and brother on a measly salary of Rs.2000 p.m., was a struggle. Added to this, was a tobacco addiction.
The Alamba team discovered him in a candidate mobilization program and after much persuasion and discussion with his family, brought him to Bangalore for the Pankh retail training program. Here, he was trained in basic computer skills and English which found him a job in Nigiris as CSA (Customer Service Associate) on a monthly salary of Rs.7.500/- apart from benefits like EPF and ESI.           

Mubarak Pasha

Born in Nellahalli Village, Mubarak worked with his father in the family-owned kirana store. But a bad debt forced them to give up the store and though Mubarak wanted to work, his disability came in the way.
At Alamba-Pankh Retail training, he learnt Communication English, Basic Computer, Retail and Life SkillsTraining. After this, he found employment in Hyper City Mall as a CSA (Customer Service Associate) with Rs.9.500/- salary per month and benefits. He was even awarded Best Performer of the Month.
Today, Mubarak has not only cleared his father’s loan, but has also booked a flat and is returning the lost dignity and respect to his family.

Sangeetha Bhimappa Kumbar
Sangeetha Bhimappa Kumbar from Muganur village was afflicted by polio at age 7. She studied till 4th standard post which she joined a girls’ hostel in Hubli to continue her education. She returned home to continue her education for which she borrowed money from friends and relatives, which she used to pay back with her disability pension.
When she heard about Alamba and Pankh project, she attended a training program. Her positive disposition found her a job in Nilgiris as a Cashier. Today, she is looking after her parents and also planning to continue her education.

Sharanappa Y Hadapad

Sharanappa Y Hadapad is from Salapur Vilage which lacks even basic amenities like power, transportation and water. His father is an agricultural coolie Worker and he has 2 siblings apart from his own wife and son. He used to run a hair salon in his village which he had to close due to lack of business. Agriculture was also not an option due to his disability. So he started simply roaming around the village depressed.
This was when Alamba found him and brought him to Alamba–Pankh Center, Bangalore. When he joined the training, he was unable to read, not even Kannada, but he soon picked up Basic English, Kannada and basic computer skills and life skill training.
Today, he works in Nilgiris earning Rs.7,500/- p.m. and all benefits which is helping him take care of his family.