Friday, 1 August 2014

"I Appreciate Your Gesture...Thank You!"

 Have you seen an associate, hurt and bleeding but still standing on your doorstep with a smile on his face ready to help you resolve your problems​? 

An associate who saved a wedding by traveling 100 Km and overlooking his own accident so that he could deliver the suit to the groom by 9 PM ​?

Such​ is the​ dedication where age, health and condition doesn’t dither one from his commitment to serve.

And these are just some examples from a plethora of 3500 entries we have received last year for TRRAIN RETAIL AWARDS.

TRRAIN Retail Awards judges the finest, excellent, enduring customer service story of retail associates in the industry. The award recognizes and rewards customer service excellence in retail (both modern and traditional), at an all India level and to create industry case studies and benchmarks for customer service excellence in retail in India. 

Chabiraj Jaiswar , a 50 year old employee, who works tirelessly  in the sports section had gone to attend a complain of a customer who was unable to bring the cycle to the shop. While riding on the step of crowded bus to Powai, Jaiswar’s bag got caught in the mirror of a passing car and as a result he was pulled off from the bus and on the road. Bleeding profusely from the head, Chabiraj still continued on his journey, addressed the customer’s issue and reported back to work the next day. 

Hypercity employee, Chabiraj Jaiswar on winning Regional award at TRRAIN Retail Awards 2013

Saleem Kuraishi , who received the call from the groom at 6 PM for a reception at 9 PM, not only traveled for 100 Km ( Jaipur to Sikar) by train and auto but also overlooked his own accident to deliver the suit on time. The auto, which Saleem was riding, met with an accident when a vehicle from opposite direction bashed into them. Bandaged all over and refuting the doctor’s advice to rest for a couple hours, Saleem displayed highest level of commitment and dedication.

With TRRAIN Retail Awards 2014 being scheduled for 12th December, here’s looking for more such motivating and inspiring stories of customer service this year too.

Watch out for TRRAIN RETAIL AWARDS updates!!

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