Thursday, 28 August 2014

One Amongst The Retailers

One of the obvious trends in business today is increased competition. One reason for so much competition is because the World is now one single marketplace. Additionally, distribution channels like the internet now make it possible for anyone to enter the global marketplace. As a result of increased competition, the rate of change taking place in business is increasing exponentially. For example, internet usage now doubles every 100 days. If you expect to keep-up and survive in this fast paced competitive environment, you must know what the competition is doing. So how do you monitor the competition in this age of information overload? The answer is with Competitive Intelligence.

Competitive Intelligence is a process whereby you collect, analyze, and transform information into intelligence so you can manage the future. Examples of it include everything from collecting the Annual Reports of your competition to setting up automated search routines. The overall objective of Competitive Intelligence is to identify events, trends, and other issues that will impact your organization. 

The best way to implement Competitive Intelligence is to focus on critical questions confronting your organization. For example, how will this regulation change our business or how will the introduction of a competing product impact our business? You must continually monitor critical issues if you expect to compete. If you fail to implement Competitive Intelligence, than you run the risk of operating in a reactive mode. And nothing changes a company more than having to survive.

And we at TRRAIN are developing a module on Competitive Intelligence and how can a retail associate use this tool to the best of his advantage to enhance returns. In addition, through this a retailer can also monitor customer behavior in real-time and improve his understanding about various correlating factors.

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